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Come by Our Office to See New Knoll Remix Chairs!

Fine Tune Your Space

Knoll has introduced Remix, their new task and conference chair as part of the Knoll Office collection. The Remix chair offers the performance you need – the upholstered comfort you love. Inspired by the idea of bringing pre-existing elements together to make something entirely new, Remix pairs upholstered comfort with innovative Flex Net Matrix™ technology for active, all day support. Remix delivers unexpected performance in a familiar form. By combining traditional and innovative elements, Remix infuses movement into a traditionally static upholstered chair. The Remix family of seating has a versatile scope that spans the workplace, from private office to open plan and conference room settings. With innovative performance elements and advanced ergonomic comfort, Remix supports fast-paced, demanding work environments.

The Remix Chair offers:

Active All-Day Support

Redefined Comfort

Unexpected Performance

A Tailored Touch

  • TANDEM BACK™ Comprised of intelligent layers of contrasting materials to provide movement and active support

  • FLEX NET MATRIX™ Molded to provide flexibility and resiliency and designed to provide firmer support in the lumbar and shoulder region

  • FLEXIBLE BACK FRAME Provides structure but is flexible to allow torsional movements

  • FULLY UPHOLSTERED PERIMETER Offers soft, uninterrupted comfort for movement throughout the day

  • THREE-POINT TILT LOCK Allows you to relax into the chair for a deep dwell

  • SYNCHRONIZED TILT TENSION CONTROL Provides a smooth, effortless recline and enables personalized fit

Remix celebrates an unconventional mix of materials with its expressive outer back that can boldly stand out or subtly blend in. With classic stitching and clean lines, Remix has a modern, refined aesthetic complementary to any environment.

Visit for more information, or come by our office and have a look for yourself! We will have them in our conference room for a limited time. Come by soon and try out Knoll's Remix Chair!

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