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4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space: Create a Community

Edutopia recently published an informative article, 4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space. The tips are suggestions from librarians and educators who have transformed their learning spaces. All four should go on your to-do list. We are exploring the tips in a series of posts. We covered Agile Learning Spaces in our first post. And we looked at Inviting Spaces in the second. The third post examined tip number three, Makerspaces in schools. This last post on the tips is about creating a community for learners.

More Than Just a Room

In the article, Edutopia emphasizes that transforming a learning space "...calls for the creation of new environments that improve learning. It is about changing school culture and about transforming the way learning and teaching occurs. It is a transformation that calls for physical, virtual, and pedagogical changes as well as a shift in mindset for all players."

The culture of your library should not only encourage meaningful student learning, but it should also provide the tools, resources, and opportunities for your students to thrive and flourish. Learning spaces should support your learners and encourage them to contribute to building a dynamic community of knowledge.

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