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Sit. Stand. Move. Foli Adjustable Height Tables from Global

Keep moving with an adjustable height table

Change your posture throughout the work day to help keep your body healthy and your mind alert.

Foli Sit-to-Stand Adjustable Height Tables from Global allow you to move freely between sitting and standing without interrupting your work. Priced competitively Foli is sure to keep even the budget minded user happy.

How does this help you? Using a variety of worksurface heights during the day revitalizes blood flow, boosts energy levels, reduces body stressors and fatigue. Adjustable height tables adapt to suit various body types and activities. They also encourage continuous body movement. But, most importantly they help you avoid the sitting disease.

Here are the details:

  • Electric height adjustment allows for easy movement from sitting to standing and back throughout the day. Foli’s work surface moves with you and your work without interruption.

  • Foli offers a universal free-standing design and finish options to integrate easily with existing Global workstation configurations, becoming a natural part of your office space.

  • Whether in a private or general office, touch-down space, collaborative area or home office, Foli supports a more active and healthy work style.

  • Almost 20 inches of vertical motion allows you to perform a variety of tasks while being comfortably supported even within shared workspaces.

  • Fit = Move + Match + Support. Combine Foli with a great ergonomic chair for a total productivity solution.


Also see Global’s new Vion Chair. It is the perfect companion for Folio. The Arti office chair is a great choice as well. Learn how to adjust your current chair for maximum comfort and ergonomics here.

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