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Use art to reinforce your brand's image

Your brand defines your company and how it is perceived. It lets your clients know what to expect from you and how you differ from your competition. To get recognition, build customer loyalty and grow your business you need an effective brand strategy.

Your logo, tagline, website, brand colors, packaging and promotional materials convey your brand message. It also is affected by how your phones are answered, how your sales reps dress, your email signature and almost anything that has anything to do with your business. It must be consistent.

Did you know your brand is also reflected in your workplace? It not only impacts your customers, but the culture and values of your business itself.

Art plays a critical role in creating a strong visual branding message in your workplace.

You can’t just write a mission statement on a whiteboard. The style of your workplace art, it’s media and the images themselves impact your branding and bottom line.

One idea is to include a timeline of corporate milestones to visually tell a story of your company’s history. Your art can communicate corporate values as well. In fact, it may be the most important part of your workplace.

Translating a branding message into visual wall art requires art specialists trained for the task. Mason, Inc. and our partner Great American Art have designers waiting to help take your branding to it highest level. Contact us today to get started.

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