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Symmetry's Apex Monitor Arms work where you work


Ergonomic support where you need it

Apex monitor arms create efficient, productive and ergonomic workspaces. Elegantly designed with the strength of a forged aluminum body, Apex mounts from Symmetry offer innovative features, easy installation and stylish design. All at a great value.

What Apex does for you:

  • each arm supports up to 25 lbs., meaning just about any monitor with a standard vesa pattern is supported.

  • ultimate in ease of adjustability. The strain on your sight is minimized because your work is always at the perfect height for your eyes. Dual mounts let you use two monitors to increase your productivity and your health. Sit-to-stand models help you avoid the Sitting Disease.

  • a mount for every application – each arm comes with worksurface clamp and grommet mounts but panel mounts, wall mounts, slat wall mounts and more are available.

Also, check out Symmetry’s innovative iPad stand, portable glass marker boards and adjustable height tables.

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