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iPad charging cart from Bretford powers you up


The perfect iPad Charging Cart for your classroom

Bretford’s PowerSync Cart 40 sets the new standard with ground- breaking features that allow you to remotely check connected devices, freeing up time for you to focus on other tasks.

With the companion PowerSync+TM app, you’ll always know once your iOS devices are fully charged and ready to go. You can even be notified when devices are removed.

The iPad charging cart now offers greater capacity, optimized charging and enhanced security all while keeping true to the standards set by the PowerSync family of products.

REMOTE STATUS: The PowerSync+ app for iPhone alerts you when devices are fully charged.

FULL-TIME FULL-RATE CHARGING: Provides maximum charging rate, even while connected to your Mac.

NEXT GENERATION SECURITY: Beyond the all steel construction, the PowerSync Cart 40 can notify you when devices are removed.

VERSATILE: The PowerSync Cart 40 offers greater capacity in a tighter footprint. The completely redesigned divider system is reconfigurable offering maximum flexibility for protective cases.

READY TO GO: With pre-installed Lightning cables, simply plug in the cart and it’s ready to go, right out of the box.

WORKS WITH CONFIGURATOR: Configure and refresh your connected devices with the latest apps and settings for your organization.

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