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The Sitting Disease

Why sitting can kill you

Sitting for more than four hours a day will take years off your life. Alarmist? Unfortunately, it’s true even if you exercise daily. See this article for the slightly scary details. There is getting to be an epidemic of articles about how sitting can kill you. The sitting disease is for real.

Fortunately, there is hope as sit-stand tables, desks and even keyboard trays are readily available. Some actions you can take that will help include:

  • Take a five minute break every hour for a restroom visit or a drink of water.

  • Stand up and stretch for a few moments every hour.

  • Stand up while you are involved in phone conversations or webinars.

  • Plan your workflow so you are in and out of the office some each day.

  • Leave the office for your lunch hour.

  • Walk to where you will eat and stand while eating at a tall table.


These steps and regular exercise and good diet with appropriate workplace furniture can help you get those years back. There are other benefits to a standup desk as well.

Products to help you avoid the sitting disease

Stand up desks and tables

  • Rift height-adjustable desk

  • Antenna standing height tables

  • Clarity height-adjustable tables

  • Levante height-adjustable tables

Sit-stand keyboard trays

  • Myriad dual-arm sit-stand keyboard tray

  • ESI’s dual-arm sit-stand keyboard tray

Sit-stand stools

  • Sit-stand stool from healthCentric

  • Perch Stool

Exam room stations

  • Align sit to stand medical cabinet

  • Align wall-mounted computer station

  • Versit mobile workstation

Other height-adjustable products

  • Height-adjustable tablet mount

  • Sapper monitor arms

  • Mosso Desk Lamp

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