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Liv Bench Collection from Nevins

Nevins hired Robert Silarski Eno to create a complete line of New York inspired benches. This carefully crafted bench collection provides aesthetically inviting seating for public spaces in need of that extra element of design. With its unique utilization of cleverly combined materials and technology, Liv is positioned to be the cornerstone of this stunning collection.

Liv is a sleek combination of metal, wood and upholstery. With one leg constructed of solid wood and the other constructed of an artfully geometric metal frame, Liv makes a distinctive, striking statement.

Available in multiple configurations, Liv is an incredibly flexible seating arrangement, in which the upholstered cushions can be specified in any unique combination. Thus, Liv offers not only seating, but also a hard, table-like surface for the user. Additionally, Liv is able to incorporate power into the seat and manage cords down the leg. As if all of these fantastic features were not already enticing enough, Nevins offers complementary occasional tables, that when paired with Liv, create a complete look.

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