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IC+ Healthcare Upholstery from healtHcentric

Introducing a coating specifically formulated for the healthcare industry. IC+ is virtually impenetrable. IC+ is a highly durable and impermeable upholstery solution that’s PVC-free and warranted up to 10 years against cracking, punctures and tears. This breakthrough coating helps prevent the spread of infectious disease by being non-porous and easily disinfected. Leaks and drips and fluids stay out and can easily be cleaned up.

The impermeable structure forms a seamless moisture-proof barrier making it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and stain resistant – perfect for specialized needs. IC+ also takes a beating. It doesn’t hurt that it is tough against wear, tears, punctures and the general high traffic abuse that furniture takes in most healthcare facilities. All this, while still looking good and functioning even better.

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