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Knoll's Sapper XYZ

From Knoll's website:

Today’s dynamic workplace demands greater than ever connection between technology and complementary support tools. Richard Sapper designed the Sapper XYZ monitor support with diverse work modes, varying postures and individual styles in mind. Sapper XYZ moves beyond the traditional X and Y axis range of motion, offering fluid movement on multiple axes. The inventive design features one-touch adjustability especially critical to the high performance workplace.

Sapper XYZ:

  • will hold up to 20 lbs, which accommodates up to 95% of the monitors on the market

  • will ship standard with fast release movement joint

  • offers 360 degrees of pivot at both the base and the elbow joint

  • has 153 degrees of monitor tilt up and down, 180 degrees of swivel left and right and 360 degrees of rotation for portrait or landscape viewing

  • offers approximately 21″ of depth adjustment and 13 inch of height adjustment

  • folds into itself to be highly compact (less than 3 inch when fully compressed)

  • is durable and lightweight (weighs only 4 lbs)

  • incorporates easy-to-use external cable management which keeps wires tidy and accessible

Sapper XYZ uses proven pneumatic technology optimized to achieve unparalleled fluidity and precision positioning for an infinitely more responsive experience. The arm offers ergonomic adjustability for users as they transition between tasks, particularly useful for those who alternate between sit/stand positions and those with progressive lenses. It also supports multiple users sharing a workstation by allowing for an individualized experience with just one touch.

There are four finish colors (medium grey, black, bright white with a light grey shroud and silver) and five mounting options (two-piece table clamp, deep table clamp, grommet mount, fixed table mount and Antenna center beam side mounts). Sapper XYZ is available in easy-to-order, preconfigured kits.

Made with 85% recyclable material, 63% recycled content, Sapper XYZ is GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality certified and can contribute to achieving LEED points.

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