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Sit On It's InFlex chair

Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, InFlex includes state-of-the-art flex-back support, top-line styling, and bottom-line affordability.

InFlex features:

  • InFlex’s evolutionary disc system provides natural back support offering personalized comfort for every body, every time.

  • When reclining, the stacked disc system (inspired by the discs in your spinal column) and steel-spring rods respond immediately-working in unison, just like your own back, to provide support and comfort.

  • Choose from a variety of plastic colors, frame finishes and hundreds of textile choices.

  • Mix and Match plastic and frame colors or opt for monochromatic to meet your specific needs.

  • InFlex is available armless, with arms and with or without casters.

  • Stack it 4 high in all configurations on the floor for convenient, compact storage.

  • 300 lb rating on all models.

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