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Canvas Reception

December 2, 2019

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Ziva Modular Lounge

July 29, 2019

The beautiful clean lines and use of geometric shapes in JSI’s new Ziva Lounge is a design wonderland for creativity. As open plan office designs have become the modern expression our workplaces, this has inspired the need for lounge areas that still feel relaxing and private even though they are within larger spaces. Ziva’s minimally-profiled furniture includes an array of both curved and linear benches, coffee tables, ottomans, lean-up surfaces- and some freestanding pieces that satisfy extra privacy. Designed by David Allan Pesso, Ziva’s interesting shapes allow for the easy arrangement of zones within a space- curved areas to encourage communication, and more rigid, horizontal lines to infer separation. Ready for many different kinds of customization, Ziva’s different textures, fabrics, finishes, and more could be a timeless addition to your environment-  and we look forward to the possibility of designing such a space with you. 



 reference- http://www.jsifurniture.com/jsi_product_ziva_ls.php 

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