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Willow + Alden

KFI Studios continue their legacy of award winning designs with two recently revealed component tables- Willow and Alden. Both tables have been designed as mobile worksurfaces to assist in daily tasks- each unique and different, but equally useful and helpful around the office. Willow, with its innovative shape, laptop-friendly surface, and functional footrest has been awarded the iF Design Award as well as a HiP Award at this year’s NeoCon- two prestigious titles that recognize useful yet aesthetically pleasing designs. Willow is available in several beautiful laminates to integrate with your firm’s existing style, and can be easily positioned wherever needed through the use of it’s hidden handle and non marking wheels.

Alden, KFI’s thin steel side table, has recently been featured in Business of Furniture, Office Insight, and MMQB- all of whom have praised it for its pairing of functionality, simplicity, and beauty. Easy to position wherever it can be most helpful due to its integrated handle, Alden is perfect for laptop use, classrooms, lounge scenarios, and shared areas where collaboration takes place.

Take a moment to explore KFI’s thoughtful achievements- and imagine how they might enhance your own professional environment. When you’re ready, we look forward to bringing Willow and Alden to you.


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