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West Hill

Long established furniture professionals HON have announced their newest collection of lounge furnishings- introducing West Hill. Modern, comfortable, and versatile, West Hill offers collaborative spaces where people can come together and produce great work from the relaxing and informal setting of residentially-inspired pieces. HON calls this contemporary shift away from desks and conference rooms and into more cozy, nurturing zones “relaxed productivity,” a comment on the changing ways that our teams have evolved the trading of ideas and the designing of solutions to take place in more casual environments. As our ‘not so-nine-to-five’ productivity continues, the excitement of discovering new settings to inspire and trade ideas in becomes more pronounced and HON’s West Hill reflects this change. Though comfy, the pieces in this collection were built with the commercial endurance that ensures them staying strong and capable for many years, while still maintaining the desired lived-in look. West Hill features many different fabrics and finishes for the collection’s one, two, and three seat lounge pieces and ottomans that support many different configurations, and paired with HON’s occasional tables, a room can quickly transform into a place people want to be in. The great looking fabrics and colors offered can bring a whole new dimension of finesse to a room, and scaled up, can radiate coherent ambiance throughout an entire workplace due to the variety of looks possible within the collection. Perfect for just relaxing too, West Hill can make a wonderful addition to your environment, and we look forward to the possibility of helping design something beautiful with you.



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