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Via Seating has added to their legacy of artfully designed and environmentally friendly furniture with Vooom- a series of low and high back chairs. Designed for Via by Jörg Bernauer, Vooom has already earned many different awards for its beautiful design and sustainable material inputs. Immediately eye catching, Vooom’s uniquely shaped wing arms and inviting ergonomic shells provide a desirable place to sit while also inspiring spaces with their provocative design and interesting contour. Perfectly at home in lounge areas, private offices, conference spaces, and more, Vooom communicates modern aesthetics and provides versatility around the office. High back models are specifiable with or without a table feature, and both designs are offered in a variety of colors, upholsteries, and leg finishes. Take a moment to explore the collection, and imagine what the chairs may add to your firm. When you’re ready, we look forward to bringing Vooom to your office.


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