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Voodoo Tables

KFI Studios present a great new addition to their growing roster of modern furnishings by introducing the Voodoo Table Collection. Designed for KFI by Chicago’s Q Design, Voodoo features an eclectic mixture of materials, textures, and influences, all combined with tastefulness and sophistication. The uniquely powerful result exists due to the perfect combination of contrasting and oppositional ingredients- right angles and round legs, diagonal stance with flat tops, and an amalgamation of metal, wood, and laminate surfaces. Varied and diverse materials/influences have been combined to produce and excellent synthesis of flavors, hence the “voodoo” name, and the tables are well suited for any multifunctional meeting places and work tables. Their light scale can complete a variety of environments and purposes, and as traditional large conference rooms and tables are declining in favor of casual small meetings, Voodoo meets this shift with gracefulness. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and heights, we would love to help determine the most suitable Voodoo Tables for your workplace- we look forward to collaborating with you.



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