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Via Seating

Out of all the furnishings we use daily, our chairs may be the most important. These are the places from which most of our efforts bloom- and where many of us spend the most time. With such crucial roles to fulfill, such as providing ergonomic comfort, offering sustained support, and maintaining timeless design, selecting the right chair can get tricky. Thankfully, the chair masters at Via Seating have us covered. Via have remained one of the leading seating firms in the world for over 30 years, and their expertise shows through their excellent designs. Regardless of application, be it task seating, lounge offerings, multi-use, outdoor, and beyond, Via have models that perform with excellence. Recently released are the Onda and Genie Flex chairs, whose marvelous designs feature futuristic stretching materials that offer an unprecedented and sustained comfort experience. Via’s world class designers combine ideas to produce other artful pieces such as the Meteor, Orbit, and Nebula lounge pieces, to name a few- all featuring an elegant, modern visual aesthetic that is imbued within maximum comfort and support. Another aspect of Via’s offerings is the vast spectrum of specifiable details- not only just the dimensions of the seat and back for the perfect fit for all body types, but the huge amount of material and color choices ensure the perfect chairs for you and your environment. Lastly, Via’s extended warranty is so generous that it is almost impossible to ‘outgrow’ their products. With so many design options and other details to consider, we look forward to helping you experience the excellence of Via Seating.



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