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QDesign presents Troupe- Versteel’s newest collection of tables suitable for a variety of different professional environments. Appearing visually strong due to the inverted steel legs, yet equally artful from the soft colors and finishes available, Troupe’s rectangular, square, and round tops are specifiable in three different heights for maximum versatility. Meeting tables can host collaborative sessions, while the other shapes can provide harmonious design around your space. Classrooms, training areas, private offices, and more can benefit from Troupe’s practical design- integrated power and data capabilities make the collection great for classroom and drafting settings too. Ganging abilities add to the functionality of the collection, and Troupe can be fitted with casters for easy rearrangement. Gracefulness, accessibility, and practicality combine with this great collection- take a look, and imagine how it might inspire your firm’s various spaces. When you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you and Versteel’s Troupe.


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