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National Office Furniture’s Tessera casegoods offer sophistication and contemporary style with endless versatility. Sharp, angular design lines present throughout all its pieces communicate modern ambiance without compromising functionality or style- and Tessera’s use of ‘smart-storage’ provides efficiency through use of multi-level floating surfaces that create additional visual interest. A huge array of pieces for all kinds of spaces, Tessera’s thoughtful approach to the entire office can transform various spaces one room at a time and unify their feel through the strong design harmony present within the collection. Private offices benefit from a lot of functional options such as height-adjustable surfaces and great looking wall panels that maximize space, but lobbies, conference places, meeting spaces, and open plan areas all share Tessera’s innovations too, as there are so many different kinds of furniture solutions present here. Through it’s pieces multi-leveling design qualities, Tessera is able to provide welcoming looks to entire office environments through coherent design- and the amount of customization possible to achieve your business’ look is just about infinite. National’s Tessera is one of those collections that are so well thought out that they stay around for a while- good design’s timelessness is proof of its excellence. With so many ways to go and so many options, we’re looking forward to collaborating with you in designing something great with National’s Tessera.



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