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SAFCO’s new TechWorks collection is here. Quite different than a typical furniture collection, TechWorks has been designed to facilitate the needs of those whose ‘offices’ are busy with the art of discovery- technology institutions, engineering firms, laboratories, research and development spaces - if its about discovery, TechWorks is a perfect furnishing suite for it. With maximum flexibility and endless potential, TechWorks offers many kinds of solutions that provide everything from benching areas to assembly and inspection stations, data/IT professional-specific work zones, even educational environments that retain an industrial feel. TechWorks is fully adaptable to include work ready features, too- advanced design within the collection includes specifiable features such as built in power and data, supremely durable surfaces, and ergonomic worksurface heights- all which promote the success of the collection by helping the end user better accomplish their specific tasks. Many different design possibilities exist within TechWorks that are not present in other collections- choices involving lighting, bountiful storage versatility, bins, wire management, and heavy-duty rearrangement potential for multiple different setups, just to name a few. TechWorks is an expertly designed collection that can really elevate your firm’s productivity through refined, professional design, and is a great way to transform your environment to invite maximum efficiency. We look forward to the opportunity to design something great with you and SAFCO’s TechWorks.



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