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HON have produced so many excellent collections over the decades- their accessible designs have enhanced so many offices, educational centers, and other kinds of environments with useful and practical furnishings that stand the test of time. Now, their Tangram series of soft seating offers a brilliant combination of innovation, comfort, and style that “connects today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders in meaningful, inventive ways.” Designed by Q Design, Tangram’s pieces are inspired from the understanding that occurs during early childhood - a realization that the same set of basic shapes exists everywhere in the world around us. Tangram applies this concept through the use of various pieces that form shapes to build environments, providing learning spaces that approach interaction and collaboration in ways that classic tables and chairs often cannot do. Featuring large set ups for big, open spaces, slightly scaled down units for medium sized areas like classrooms, and modular seating solutions for vertically tiered spaces like auditoriums and focus areas, there is a Tangram build for all. Specifiable details like integrated power and data ports, easily cleanable surfaces, and a very large variety of material and style options, Tangram can be a huge step forward for your learning environment- its inventive approach to the concept of seating invites the opening of minds through thought provoking aesthetics. Take a moment to explore Tangram- and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you and Tangram- “Where learning takes shape.”


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