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Storage Islands

Brand new from HON is the Storage Islands collection- a suite of space conscious furnishing solutions that provide tabled areas to work and collaborate while offering aesthetically pleasing storage. Adequate storage is never ending in the workplace- but achieving ordered and efficient storage is often difficult without spaces becoming too cluttered. Enter Storage Islands, HON’s newest solution to this ongoing challenge. Minimally designed yet extremely functional, Storage Islands allow for multifunctional spaces to emerge where you need them the most- collaborative areas where productivity happens in your office. These free-standing laminate islands combine form and function to create a wide variety of work zones that bring usable space underneath without appearing heavy- and the many different selectable finish options invite opportunities to express your space and promote the feel of your firm. Options include shelving, filing, lockers, and display areas, just to name a few. Storage Islands can improve all kinds of workplaces- drafting zones, design firms, classrooms, all kinds of spaces can benefit from the dynamic possibilities the collection provides. Many different dimensions, styles, and colors are offered- what can this collection do to enhance your space? We look forward to designing something great with you and HON’s Storage Islands.



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