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Stad Home Office Collection

Group Lacasse’s successful Stad Collection of commercial office furnishings have been refined and simplified for a few great looking home office setups. As many of our work patterns have shifted, making the most efficient use of our time working from home is way easier with great furniture. All this working from home lately is the perfect time to upgrade your home setup- the Stad Home Office Collection is available in three different pre-configured models, each with individual design options to make sure the aesthetics match your style. Part of why Stad for the commercial environment worked so well was due to its crisp, modern design lines and its use of empty space, while offering modern functionality such as adequate storage capabilities and height adjustable options. Now at home, Stad’s thoughtful features and excellent design have been paired down to harness even more of an efficient footprint. Accessories like the optional monitor arms, underneath hooks, and power outlets help minimize clutter and promote professionalism. The many different finishes and wood/metal leg options present within the collection can make all the difference in your enthusiasm and productivity- and we look forward to ways that we can assist in bringing the Stad Home Office Collection to your home office.



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