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Indiana Furniture’s Spirit Collection has many great designs to offer your professional space. Designed for Indiana by the UK based firm Edge Design, Spirit is comprised of several different suites- Spirit, Spirit Lite, Spirit Lounge and Spirit Tables- all which feature refined, inviting pieces that offer comfort and aesthetically pleasing design for all areas of the office. The Spirit Collection’s wide variety of seating options are available in mid or high back styles with many different seat and base options, but each Spirit suite has specifics to itself- for example, Spirit Lite is offered with silver, wood, or wireframe bases, and even with a rocking design. The wide array of graded-in upholsteries and various seat styles across the Spirit collection ensure that the perfect Spirit pieces can be specified to promote the feel and identity of your firm, and the versatility and comfort offered with each Spirit piece will deliver ergonomic comfort time after time. Paired with Spirit Tables, your professional space can look even sharper through Spirit’s harmonized design, inviting productivity through great furnishings and promoting the comfort and well being of your office and its guests. We look forward to designing something great with you and Indiana’s Spirit.



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