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Rockwell Unscripted® Sawhorse Workbench

Knoll’s fantastically designed and award winning Rockwell Unscripted Collection has grown by a new piece, the Sawhorse Workbench. Designed to enhance the more popular than ever open-plan work environment of today, the Sawhorse Workbench offers a collaborative benching solution that is rooted in the privacy of traditional benching systems. Winner of the 2018 Gold Award at NeoCon, the Sawhorse Workbench’s aesthetically pleasing shape encourages teamwork while also preserving the focus of individual work. Inspired by industrial stylings, the Sawhorse Workbench is available with two different top styles- tapered or easy, and in different edges too- bullnose or flat. There are several leg styles and materials offered as well, and a vast amount of veneers, laminates, and paint options, ensuring the perfect fit for the design climate already operating within your workplace. Like many other Knoll systems, built-in power/data/cable management is offered in the form of hard-wired styles or with cable towers underneath the bench surfaces. The Sawhorse Workbench is produced in many different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your office, and with so many specified details available, we are very excited to help determine the most suitable design for your business. Knoll’s furniture excellence speaks for itself- but we are elated at the possibility of helping to bring it into your environment.



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