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Resi Collection

New from SAFCO is the Resi Collection- a great looking, thoughtfully designed suite of furnishings that reflects the flexibility of the modern workplace. Resi was imagined to accommodate the diversity of work styles common in today’s offices. Gone are the days that individuals are confined to their own desks all day- instead the entire team moves about the environment with more freedom and less limitation. “Embracing the new workday,” Resi’s pieces offer multi-functional design so that each individual's needs are met, inviting each space to feel more like what it really is- a community. Resi’s modern feel is reminiscent of the agility of home spaces, where anywhere is comfortable and ready to help accomplish tasks. Abundant storage, various tables, welcoming seating everywhere, all featuring an airy, light aesthetic quality that promotes the idea of adaptability. By providing a series of different zones within a larger space, both collaborative and private zones are unified, and the result is a more productive workplace. Resi desks offer focused work or a location for impromptu touchdowns, standing bistro-height storage offers areas for spontaneous idea trading or meetings of small groups. The depth of design possibilities are boundless, which only happens when a collection’s design is exceptionally great. Resi offers an exciting leap into the future, and can unify modern offices through its outstanding furnishings. We look forward to designing something great with you.



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