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Quanta Max

Versteel introduces their new chair- Quanta Max. Offered in guest, stool, and swivel options, Quanta’s beauty and simplicity makes it a great choice for a variety of different environments. Combining comfort and function with a great looking, minimal silhouette, Quanta’s various styles can bring interesting and exciting energy to professional, educational, and many other kinds of spaces, too. Artistically crafted, Quanta Max has been designed for Versteel by Roberto Lucci and features an architecturally-inspired, flexible back design that is adapts to your body’s movements and offers style and comfort through its aesthetic curvature. Available with a poly or ply shell, and with a metal or wooden frame, Quanta Max is offered with many different specifiable details to ensure the right fit for your environment. And Quanta is stackable, too- its efficient contour fits on a dolly for easy and quick storage. Take a moment to discover what this great chair collection can offer you- and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing Quanta Max to your space.


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