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AllSeating introduces Prata- a beautifully designed chair series that ‘makes a bold first impression.’ Designed for AllSeating by Carl Magnusson, Prata is an equal synthesis of both modernist and traditional influences- the exciting yet inviting silhouette is evocative and visually strong but also transmits a comforting and relaxing feeling too. Inspired by the look of conference room chairs that are often seen from the back, Prata’s use of lines and texture provides an interesting visual dialogue from every angle. Low and mid-back models are offered, and the option of different bases with and without casters allow Prata to exist within many different environments, ‘blurring the line between commercial and residential.’ Prata has an adjustable mechanism, and it’s artful, timeless, and sophisticated shape is offered in many different fabrics, including the option for two-toned seating and back combinations. Familiarize yourself with the elegance of Prata, and when you’re ready, we look forward to help bring this great chair to your environment.


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