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AIS’ legacy grows with the release of their newest benching system, PowerBench. Strongly uniting form and function, PowerBench’s height-adjustable surfaces pair with hidden ‘spine power’ that minimizing cords clutter visually while providing outlets all around your firm’s collaborative work areas. Ideal for large open-plan environments, yet equally scalable for smaller footprints too, PowerBench offers a chance to transform the many work areas around your professional space with functional and attractive design harmony. PowerBench’s height adjustable surfaces invite a big leap forward towards a healthier workplace, and conveniently combines with many of AIS’ other collections to provide storage spaces and other crucial pieces around the desk. Available in many different laminates and colors, PowerBench is sure to elevate your firm’s existing style. Check out the collection, and we look forward to the chance to bring PowerBench to your office.


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