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AIS’ released their Day-to-Day Tables a while back- the system’s reputable productivity-driven design, aesthetics, and versatility across many different office environments have earned AIS much success and notoriety for producing great benching furniture. Now, Day-to-Day’s modern looks and light feeling presence around the office has been combined with AIS’ Powerbeam technology, resulting in even more efficient and capable ways to configure open plan office environments, maximizing the footprint of the benching system with adequate power and technology. Powerbeam’s hidden design underneath worksurfaces ensures that everyone has access to all the outlets and network cables needed, all without disrupting the wide-open and clean, minimal presence that Day-to-Day provides. The integrated workstations that follow from the Day-to-Day Powerbeam design are as ergonomic as they are good looking- height adjustable surfaces allow for as many different posture shifts as desired during a work day, resulting in better health, improved attitudes, and increased productivity. Thousands of different set ups are possible with Day-to-Day Powerbeam, and each office can enjoy a wide array of extra enhancements to further personalize the user experience, including privacy screens, mounted monitors, storage options, and much more. With the seemingly endless capabilities, Day-to-Day Powerbeam is a thoughtful and sustainably designed system with the potential to improve many professional environments- what can it do for yours? We look forward to the opportunity to design something great with you.



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