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OFS’ Obeya is better than ever- and in our changing world, more helpful to our professional spaces than before. While we re-approach our sharing of indoor offices and adapt to new ways of interaction, suitable spaces to collaborate safely are crucial- Obeya can help. Winner of many prestigious design awards at NeoCon 2019, Obeya is the result of OFS’ innovative approach to architectural partitions within a much bigger space. As open plan environments have become the dominant set up of contemporary workplaces, Obeya aims to reestablish zones to burrow down in, to collaborate in, to seek rest, clarity and contemplation in. Obeya’s enclosed-feeling dimensions are largely an illusion, as there aren’t ‘walls’ that define its’ contour, so Obeya is great at facilitating distanced meetings and providing privacy and an escape from the noise within a large room. Aside from the virtuousness of providing interesting shapes within a room, Obeya’s creative use of materials and diverse layouts have the potential to add a lot of variety to the way that the office is experienced. Tons of material, dimensional, and finish specifications exist in order to ensure the perfect Obeya style for your environment- and we are excited to design some beautiful new spaces with you.



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