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National Office Furniture introduces us to their newest collection of height adjustable desks- Naviyd. Proven to reduce workplace stress and improve spinal health, alternating between sitting and standing has many immediate and lasting benefits that positively affect workplace performance. By providing ergonomic comfort and an ability to express personal style, Nayvid’s wide selection of colors and finishes can bring an improved level of vitality and creative potential to your environment. Several different leg positions and a few top shapes can be selected from, so open plan offices with many stations, private offices, and collaborative zones can all benefit from the collection’s adaptable range. Casters, modestly panels, and privacy screens can be specified, and there are dozens of exciting colors and finishes that ensure an aesthetic match with your firm’s existing style. Modern, tech, and healthy, take a moment to explore Naviyd’s depth- and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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