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Model 8

Versteel’s newest offering is a collection of very exciting occasional tables. Introducing Model 8- named for the octagonal design of its extruded aluminum legs and the steel inlay that they feature, Model 8’s artfulness is matched by its utility. The bold silhouette created by the strong and sophisticated design lines and cradled top surface combine to produce an end form unlike many commercial tables before it- great design takes risks and Model 8 is commands attention with its provocative lines. This creative and nontraditional approach to surfaces is presented in four heights that are not usually present in commercial tables- and the round, square, or rectangular tops are available in five different micro texture colors or in Versteel’s powder coated range of options. Model 8 is an exiting, contemporary approach to occasional tables and a sure fire bet for environments that seek to make design statements that communicate individuality and creativity. The best furniture is the kind that helps express the unique identity of a space- and we’re excited to help you get closer to your version with Versteel’s Model 8.



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