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Safco’s Medina collection of casegoods is here. Featuring many different kinds of pieces including desks, tables, storage, and seating, Medina’s refined looks offer a modern interpretation of time tested and classic designs that feature the beauty and sophistication that natural woodgrains and angular lines offer. Medina communicates dependability, organization, and timelessness, and the collection's pieces have been created with an inspiration from Italian design elements. Providing confident looks, Medina offers strong ambiance while featuring the modern functionality of integrated furniture technology such as height adjustable surfaces, built in power and data capabilities, and abundant storage options. Perfect for transforming an entire workplace, yet versatile enough to furnish a home office environment too, Medina offers the furnishing needed to stay organized and efficient within the work environment. Many different pieces, options, sizes, and design choices are present within this large collection- and we look forward to designing something great with you and Safco’s Medina.



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