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Lochlyn Shelving

National Office Furniture’s most excellent Lochlyn Collection helped transform our workspaces to stylish, efficient, and super-modern productive zones that were inviting and open at the same time. Now, we have the privilege to enjoy even more versatility through the use of the new and beautifully designed Lochlyn Storage and Shelving System. Designed for National by Don Woods, the capabilities are vast, as are the available array sizes, colors, and finishes. Building upon the great success of Lochlyn work solutions, the new shelving’s adaptability is stunning. Not only does this collection provide additional storage and opportunities to express your firm’s contemporary style, but the room dividing and acoustic dampening potential of free-standing, useful partitions succeeds in transforming spaces with intelligent, multifunctional brilliance. By “creating balance between organization and exhibition,” Lochlyn’s creative use of materials allows for the most important function of all- to help you better exist within your space by providing expertly crafted architecture. Ending the year with an excellent addition to an already superb collection, Lochlyn Shelving is filled with potential and is a great reason to look forward to National’s 2021 designs. We are very excited to offer Lochlyn, and equally passionate to design some wonderful spaces with you.



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