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Indiana Furniture’s Kickstart collection of modern lounge furnishings and tables is here and ready to help inspire your professional space. Offering a wide array of seating and surfaces, Kickstart has been designed to reflect the needs of the contemporary work environment and modern community spaces- not only by providing useful furniture solutions, but also by incorporating modern safety protocols that allow us to work together safely. Featuring over thirty different stand alone and modular products that create welcoming environments, Kickstart’s pieces offer a lovely way to enhance a myriad of spaces where people come together to collaborate, rest, and learn. Ideal for lobbies, meeting spaces, and educational zones such as libraries and study areas, Kickstart contains many additional functions that make the collection functional beyond just providing places to sit- features such as the addition of both low and high surrounding panels offer privacy and barriers, the ability for tables to feature internal power, options for tablet arms, and the ability for pieces to be ganged together for more permanent arrangements are all specifiable options within the collection. The multi-use environments that Kickstart can help create can be enhanced with huge array of fabric, upholstery, and finish choices that can promote the personality of your firm- from creative and expressive to sophisticated and elegant. With so many selections to choose from and many design details to determine, we look forward to designing something great with you and Indiana Furniture’s Kickstart.



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