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New from Indiana Furniture is Kickstart- a modern lounge collection filled with flexibility and many different possibilities across different kinds of interior environments. Featuring numerous seating solutions and tables of all kinds, Kickstart pieces help to create inviting spaces that promote people to “gather, work, re-energize, and learn.” Kickstart’s fusion of residential-meets-commercial design styles allow for a wide range of interior design feels- comfortable, sophisticated, formal, informal- the choice is yours as Kickstart offers classic forms that can fulfill many purposes. Kickstart’s versatility is only matched by its quality- lots of upholstery and finish options exist that can help set the tone of the spaces in your environment. Featuring two back styles on lounge pieces, private booth zones for meetings, and room dividing options that don’t compromise the openness of large spaces, Kickstart has something for all and does so with style. What can this collection do to ‘kickstart’ productivity and improved ambiance in your office? We’re thrilled to help you find out.



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