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KFI Late 2022

KFI Studios have revealed a huge preview of upcoming collections they’ve been working on. Stated for late summer and Winter 2022 releases, their new suites feature a large, mixed variety of interior furnishings, accessories, and even outdoor collections. Expertly designed and fully functional for professional environments, KFI’s new suites are heavily enriched with artistic aestheticism and evident of a creative growth spurt towards an evolved and elegant presence. Aimed at today’s modern workplaces, KFI’s new collections have reproached practical designs and imbued them with an airy, inspired lightness.

From the minimally designed Willow side tables, to Vaux, their beautiful new take on the classic steel table bases, exciting new designs are in abundance. Tioga, Avalon, and Jade are all new seating solutions- each with their own intended environment and purpose, yet unified through gentle curvature and clean, minimally inspired design. Lastly, the gorgeous Juna and Ember table collections provide huge leaps forward towards tabled surfaces that are equally beautiful as they are functional.Take a moment to explore many of these new collections, and imagine how they might evolve your professional space into new levels of greatness. We look forward to helping bring these exciting new collections to you as they are released within the next few months.


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