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OFS’s Kasura is a versatile seating solution for a wide variety of environments. Designed by Webb Associates for OFS, Kasura is a visual marvel- the combination of diverse materials results in an attractive and extremely comfortable seating experience that is great for all kinds of spaces. The low, mid, and high back options all feature rich and welcoming qualities, and the available selection of wood, fabric, and base styles offer a wide range of possibilities to satisfy a smooth integration with your space’s existing feel. When seated, the comfort and experience of being cradled within its contour is felt immediately- smooth swooping arms and plush cushions envelop the body with the relaxed aesthetics familiar to the comfort of home. Kasura’s different base styles each offer something different, and all combine artful beauty with the design practicality needed to be a part of a work environment. Guest areas, conference zones, lounge settings, even residential spaces can all be enhanced with Kasura’s presence, and its elegant yet inviting design ensures its ability to remain timeless within your space. How can Kasura bring new energy to your environment? We look forward to discovering excellent Kasura designs with you.



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