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National Office Furniture’s portfolio of expertly designed luxury seating grows with their release of Karid- a conference seating collection that combines opulence, sophistication, and long-lasting comfort. Karid has been designed to complete private office and executive, conference room environments, though its prestige can easily extend to many other settings as well. Available in both high and mid-back models, Karid’s interesting silhouette boasts a seat with ‘an exceptional 4” of cushion,’ allowing the user to remain confidently supported for both long and short seating sessions. Many adjustment points are featured to allow the user to discover the most ergonomic position for them, and the curved back design facilitates a cradling of the body’s spine with style and elegance. Adding to its presentation, both Karid’s mid and high-back models feature ‘horizontal channel stitching’ that elevates the chair’s aesthetics with a handmade look and feel. A vast array of upholstery options are specifiable, including two-tone, contrasting leather looks that can enhance and promote your firm’s personality. Take a moment to explore this luxurious collection, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you and National’s Karid.


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