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k.™ lounge

Starting off 2020 with a huge new line from one of the greatest providers of furnishings, Knoll have revealed their new k.™ lounge collection and it is simply stunning. Featuring modular seating for a wide variety of purposes, the k.™ lounge collection contains a wide array of soft seating pieces that enable the possibility for different zones of dialogue and productivity within the office. Suitable for both small and huge rooms, k.™ lounge’s 20 different modular elements allow for quick reconfiguration and can also be fastened together for semipermanent applications. k.™ lounge offers a variety of different back heights that each suggest a work flow- for example, backless options invite a quick pow wow, where as high-back seating accommodates more of an extended stay for group collaboration. As is standard for Knoll’s thoughtfulness, many of the k.™ lounge pieces come equipped with power outlets and USB ports, ensuring a place to charge up and stay connected during a conversation or meeting. The expert design at work here makes the act of sitting down and working a real treat- the union of fashion and function always promotes the KnollOffice label in a class of their own. What can the k.™ lounge collection do for your workplace in this new year? We would love to help you design something great.



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