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JSI’s Indie- a brand new collection of residentially inspired lounge furnishings that can bring a whole new realm of comfort to your professional environment. Featuring a quite large array of different kinds of pieces, Indie’s coherent and unifying quality is the ‘relaxed sit’ concept. This leisurely and informal approach to lounge seating areas ‘brings the feeling of home to the work environment’- and is a refreshing new take on shared areas of the office. Though reminiscent of home, Indie is durable- designed to withstand the repeated use that public spaces experience. Offered with many different customizable details and useful built-in features, Indie’s large selection of pieces are versatile enough to complete both open plan collaborative zones and private offices alike, showing Indie’s capability to transform entire offices with coherent style. Take a moment to explore Indie’s depth, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you in the new year.


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