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Revealed new for 2020, National Office Furniture’s Idara Lounge is here. Featuring strong design notes from a myriad of different influences, Idara’s notable silhouette is a sure-fire seating solution for a variety of applications. Combining vintage curves with ‘contemporary glamour,’ the sophisticated mix of established form and daring new design ingredients result in a wonderfully unique shape that provides a very comfortable and visually pleasing experience. Idara is offered in both mid and high back versions, and in three great looking base styles- two industrial steel versions and one with gorgeous mid-century modern inspired wooden legs that are offered in many different finishes. The wings on Idara’s back offer an enveloping feel, providing security and a degree of acoustic privacy, and its plush comfort provides a residential feel that is inviting and elegant without being too posh. With a great many upholstery options available, your office’s lounge or private offices can be enhanced with Idara’s abundance of style and comfort. National’s Idara is a great way to help bring in the new year with strong style- we’ll be standing by to help you make it happen.



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