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HipHop from Arold

Group Lacasse’s Arold label have reveled a stunning new collection of modern furniture and have named it HipHop. Perfectly suitable for all kinds of environments including lounge areas, guest zones, conference areas, open plans, etc, the wide array of elements within the HipHop collection can furnish any space and do so with modern flare. Consisting of many different pieces that span the geometry of rectangular, curved, round and square pieces, HipHop’s use of inviting shapes designed with clean lines and expressive use of colors and materials can transform just about any space. Designed to be comfortable and to bring people together, HipHop’s modular capabilities are a great choice for a wide variety of public/private/educational purposes, and the ability for the furniture to be added on to within proves it capable for future growth. Another fine release from Arold- and we very much look forward to designing something great with you in the new year.



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