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Introducing National Office Furniture’s Fringe Collection- an expansive new suite of collaborative lounge seating. Inspired through the concept of “designing spaces where people actually want to be,” Fringe’s seating and table solutions can create great looking collaborative areas that are perfect for businesses, educational environments, shared community areas and healthcare spaces too. Featuring a thoughtful mix of sophisticated design with total functionality, Fringe’s use of interesting upholstery materials mixed with the luster of metal components and great looking laminates create seating areas that are modular, flexible, and comfortable. The wide array of Fringe pieces offer great potential for arranging huge spaces to make them cozier, and Fringe’s ability to create smaller spaces and individual zones show its versatility in providing elegant and minimal design solutions. Fringe’s clean lines, integrated power and data capabilities, and timeless aesthetics can help transform the feel of your firm in exciting new ways- and we look forward to designing something great with you and National’s Fringe.



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