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Global Furniture Group presents FreeFit Tables- a height adjustable series that helps improve body health throughout the workday. Raising and lowering your worksurface offers many proven benefits that strengthen your body and prevent work fatigue- and consequently, increases morale and productivity. FreeFit offers a very easy to use mechanism that allows the worksurface to raise or lower at the push of a button- the motor operates so silently that it has received accolades for its best-in-class sound insulation. FreeFit can be used with other Global desks too, and the option for your desk’s return to adjust with your main worksurface is an added luxury. Available in designer white, black, or tungsten, FreeFit’s legs offer adjustability between 22.5 and 47”, making it highly versatile for all different kinds of working positions. Many different top sizes and styles are specifiable, and extra components are possible- felt privacy screens, Bluetooth capability, and casters to name a few. Take a moment to explore these wonderful FreeFit tables, and imagine the ergonomic comfort they can offer to your work environment. And when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you and Global’s FreeFit.


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