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HON introduces Flock- a new collection of collaborative furnishings for the modern workplace. Designed by Brian Kane, Flock’s varied pieces share a common purpose- they assemble to create inviting, comfortable spaces all around the office that are perfect for the regular tasks of meeting, working together, and relaxing. Flock brings many casual features of home to the professional environment, resulting in a collection that encourages movement throughout a space. Designed to be positioned close to natural light sources like windows and outlooks, Flock’s pieces are intended to be arranged around the architecture of the office to maximize sunlight- a proven enhancement to creativity and well being. By providing different zones throughout the office, people can move freely to different Flock spaces and choose the best setting for a specific task- satisfying the concept that physical movement within office enhances work quality and productivity. Take a moment to explore the collection and imagine the possibilities Flock can bring to your office- and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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