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Ekta Tables

Brand new from the always impressive Nevers is the Ekta Executive Flip-Top Training Tables. Immediately obvious is Ekta’s confident, professional aesthetic- the strong, crisp design lines and sophisticated luster present on the aluminum finished bases command attention and exude an organized business prowess. Ekta’s versatile design allows for the tables to be utilized for a variety of purposes- perfect for training, conference room actions, meeting spaces and more, Ekta’s single hand flipping mechanism allows for quick and easy reconfiguration and allows for efficient, space saving vertical storage. Additionally helpful is Ekta’s optional built in perimeter power, which provides freedom from the clutter of various cords and cables present when groups of people assemble. Easily ganged together for permanent setups, Ekta’s wood veneer or laminate tops/bases can provide a higher level of interaction within your firm due to their multiple, easy to arrange configurations- and Ekta’s casters provide quick repositioning. Ekta tables are available in four different sizes, and in over a dozen great looking finishes and laminates- the confident, rectangular bases are offered in both a shiny aluminum or a bold black powder coat. With so many design choices present, we look forward to designing something great with you and Never’s Ekta Tables.



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