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National Office Furniture’s Eklund collection has the potential to transform almost every physical space within your professional environment. Winner of 2021NeoCon Awards and honoree recipient of Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award, Eklund’s impressive, all encompassing collections continue to provide both beautiful and practical furnishing solutions for the whole office. Eklund’s synthesis of residential and commercial atmospheres offers comfort and familiarity, and other thoughtful characteristics such as modular components, acoustic dampening, and scalable design proves Eklund perfect for large open-plan spaces as well as small, private offices and focus areas. A huge array of Eklund pieces are offered, including tables, desks, and seating- all of which are specifiable with lots of design choices to ensure a proper aesthetic match for your firm. Explore the prestige that Eklund has to offer, and let’s design some great spaces together in this new year with National’s Eklund.


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