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Divi Fast Track

AIS’ Divi Workstations are a well established mainstay within the realm of contemporary office furniture. New for 2023, Divi has grown to offer an ‘everything you need to get up and running’ version of Divi, entitled Fast Track. Fast Track can provide entire open plan office suites with the highly renowned features of Divi- vertical panels of varying heights, fixed or height adjustable worksurfaces, overhead and pedestal-style storage capabilities, even seating solutions- all ready to furnish your professional spaces with efficient yet aesthetically pleasing, useful designs. Smart, scalable, and modular, Divi Fast Track offers the ability to transform your organization- from busy, collaborative-rich idea sharing offices to more personal, ‘distraction-free’ workstations. Available in a wide variety of materials, finishes, fabrics, glass finishes and more, Divi Fast Track is a wonderful value concept for both emerging and established businesses. Take a moment to explore Fast Track- and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing Fast Track to your professional space.


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